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The Ants Cometh

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After the last battle with the ant bastards that decided to attempt a take over of my flat, I figured after I based them to ant hell that they might have taken a hint.

Turns out that would be a no, I’ve seen one or two here and there. Assumed it was due to an idiot looking where it shouldn’t be, but alas the fuckers are still there and quite a few of them at that.

Although Kaja’s little cat garden has soil, to be honest it doesn’t have much soil at that, the majority is grass tiles of the fake variety. This is why I’m guide perplexed how they’re here, why they’ve decided to settle here, and why they’re not getting the point.

Unfortunately, I had to give them the Raid again. I’m live and let live, but I ain’t letting you stay and eat rent free when y’all got everywhere else to be.